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Some lightning carved the horizon Through me, while I stood watch Of the sea and sky meeting, Some lightning made me, cutting Like other points and views, From which one can observe Nothing's the part of what you see that's in between, Nothing's the part of what you see that's bending Some lion's belt around lacing belly, Some sweltering poised sea anemone The shape of those rocks coming out of the ocean: That is my shape Until god thinks I must be thrust again into being But you're only the shape of how you're raised Out of the water or on the beach, torn away Cut away to the future
Nothing 02:49
But it feels cool to be wasteful, To join tears and join years That you have left around the rest A new landscape, to be awake It hurts to start or cut your tongue On a sharp rock where you tried to run The coldest fondness you gave your feet To hold you up and show you up On the stock you stuck your claim And blamed it plain for all the names That you built up and laid upon You're all hard up, laid on the sun And you go down and make it great You make it well, you made a lake That sits there in the middle, Where you're often torn apart, Where you can never figure Which the hell way you are And though you'll never be successful In making it go a way That you want or care for Makes it anyway So I'll leave simply And promise you a fair That won't be too expensive And leave you wondering where Nothing glows and nothing comes And nothing dances on tiptoes To see before the sun comes up With nothing left, to be yourself With nothing to keep you, With nothing to break, With everyone to love you And all of them to say: Whatever you have shared before Today do share again It's taken shelves to store accomplishments And a thousand leaves and lakes To fall out of your pockets And never find the ground To be lost in the moment That day you came around
Off with the hat, on with the oven Come look around, go looking for something Creeps all carouse, rolling and tumbling Love in, look out Hat sounds all about We'll find something to look for here or I don't care where You're all out without me, let's try it together With it down to the wire, stick a fork in the outlet Pulls away from the get-set, you're sure wearing leather He's gone now to sink to the sea floor here or I don't care where It's all how it starts out, and I never leave 'til I'm kicked out Or flipped out the window that my foot's out When I fell out to feel it out on the green grassy dewdrop Or shout it out or throw it out, they say she's a knockout Cause she'll knock you out in the ring, and when I start to look in, I start boxing With the laughing and the giggling that stinks up the hallway Smells stick to me, remembering like glue to stick together today We'll find something to look for here or I don't care where
Rose Hips 02:24
The streets are like the ocean, that the water fills their brims And your head is just the same thing if it fills a hat with tears With the reasons we get and the gifts we accept, And the promise we request the promise isn’t half Of something to wrestle with Golden gardens and pussing lips Rose hips and bull whips And there ain’t no one to talk to, and you can’t talk at all As you sleeping as a baby, as you see you lurking somebody On the cliff or on the edge or on the way into the hedge It’s a murky time to rest and times crooked to attest The supple cup of blood or an undone vein of mud Well I’ll be one to take your promise to the beach or by the way Of the dreams that pass before us, or the murderous journey towards Some ideal that’s innovation for sleeping on a stone Or being in your death bed, or seeing that your blood rests On the bottom of the canyon in the morning
Be Finished 03:23
This will be resounding A hundred times again In the summer, evening creeps up If you get used to a day The shadow all came later And words would have you think Those words flung among us, A darkness out to dry And still the sun is sleeping When I expect to see And still someone was coming, It truly was not me But I’ll try to let skeins flung out Be wound around again And I’ll try to let the rough rocks Be finished by the waves
Oh, when you were sick, you knew I would care I stayed by your bedside, I stayed beside light Until you awakened and makethed me free I couldn’t regret it, I couldn’t deny it Before you have told me that good things do burn And their fire is frozen and their fire held up In between crowds each one can see That good things are things and good things are chosen So, now you have told me that I will burn too And become the ash from which we all grew I couldn’t regret it, I couldn’t deny it So here lies the mark of the good things that passed
It happens almost every time that winter ends get tangled up We turn to beams of light or ways of life to make the night not full of death And lakes are raked up to the grave, we’ve buried their sweet smelling beams And these are waves, mound-bounding seams Might not say thanks or ask you “please?” But still, they’ll treat you just the same In the same way as they would, sweetly, Other things It’s coming out that makes you tired and going down that makes you soar So, catching breathes with aching limbs, we all walked back to the car then It happens almost every time, my senses ends get tangled up That I’m seeing things or I have dreams But always crescent parts of breezes
To go to god with your unbending burdens Lands you in the pond with the fishes and the journeys, Melts the slope that dives to the road, Melts the groove that sends you aloof, Melts the stoop where you sleuth If you are flying in the sight Of the oldest people’s towns, You are raised up to the height Of the perfect floating round And the last one living will abide, The last one living will divide And the last one living will decide And the last one living will be right Paint whirling feathers into flowing blows, Getting beating by the stream that flows below Get impressions of the bridge we tow across, Drive on out to go swimming in the big lusty river of rust Pointing voices at the mirrors and the roads That stand before us and slam us in the sloughs And the last one living will abide The last one living will divide And the last one living will decide And the last one living will be right
Whose voice had called and damned it all? It wasn’t enough for feathers, a small gust And we’ll go along as always we’ve done, As it was woven all around our arms again And it’s how you’ll hold your day, at least I hope away ‘Cause it will turn your eyes into the morning light And I don’t miss your silence or what’s passed behind us Light is bound to climb us and boulders break around us
The closer that I come to the place you’re said to be The more that voice extends, the more I am not me It’s clear that you are without fear, it makes things plain to see It couldn’t be more boring here, so run in light green leaves I forget that no one knows justice like a friend Leaves when I want her to and stays when I am glad To have her or to hold her, I’m still made out of clay If anything could make me, well, a sculptor could, but make me good And shape my heart into my home, into my state and to my realm And to the people I’m around I have a new appointment, it never comes to pass And I have found all my days fast, and fast and fast And every one is different, you never swim in me the same Each time, hours fill my dreamboat And it sings to the bottom of the morning


released January 1, 2002


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