We Could Be Each Other's Evidence

by Thanksgiving

You got a look, you’d better look back now You’ve got a look that’s better than that See you see a great sea, I see you look down When you’re shattered and hold on to spiders Go on get in your head to wake up what god sent: Song Sometimes you need a rest So come down off that awful hill And bring down by you brother’s fins ‘Cause look where you took off before you died Look where you took off in
Comets 03:35
It doesn’t matter to wait longer As you blossom and are laundered As you told him, you were flatter As you sold him, shoulders shatter You should be afraid of being lonely You should be afraid of not having enough ‘Cause you know you have a certain charm, The kind that doesn’t come with love As long as you marry, every day babe And vow, forever, to be honest As a never ending continent As a flying comet
Bullseyes 01:56
If everything is alright, we’ll have a time talking We’ll have nosebleed seats beside his feet Laying there, candied beach With very open knees All endurers, settle up with your bullseyes I believe in a life's surprise, making other people cry Seeing very cautiously that your vision isn’t fleeting Making portions of your taste, turn to potions for a figure’s taste That’s the hardest part of grace, that’s the other meanest place All endurers, settle up with your bullseyes
I made my goals by moving slow And I want to be the best So I was at home when you had the fun, When you had the cold So take ‘em out, they are down Vie inside, frozen even though Frozen and dry And take out a candle Take back my woodwork Burn that stuff There’s been time enough I only feel like Feel like you
River Way 02:21
I know it sounds like boasting to tell you today That my close friends are close to me, but it’s not that way It is the end of me today, as far as I’m concerned Life is enough of me today, so much as you’re concerned And I’ll show him that I jousted a fellow through this misty day And it buries him under the carpet in the breaking waves On the door hinge, buried your forfeit in the pasted drapes As in over, over and over in the river way
Water 02:58
Decide about the sides Take off good shoes To kill the rhinoceros How long did you practice To give me that feeling? Gobble up some ashes of arguments The water ‘round is too empty to swim What kind of breath is in you now? What kind of covenant? Our water is something beautiful And not to comprehend
Cotton Belt 03:42
Out of nothing came your amends Like out of the sky, the sun If you wanted to see it make sense Then why would you have come? It ain’t nothing, but Turn me over, how ‘bout now? You are the greatest one You watch the clock and then it’s over And you turn me over, too You wouldn’t turn yourself in But put yourself through So I would pull, and growl and loosen The tides that turn you loose If you find out something saved you Remember how you knew It was coming, howlin’ at you And just what you should do So I would pull, and growl and loosen The tides that turn you loose So I would pull, and growl and loosen The tides if I were you
Make the skin here rash We can be bad Soon, we’ll follow the map Find our better half Beams are bursted out With our host around Who creeps up and comes down To show us a new sound
Bring me under and bring me deep Until I plunge out of another beach And bring me closer to hear you weep So much closer, where you mutter And bring me vultures and put them perching And bring me safely, do these things Give me a new place to live, give me a living place Where living blows from my eyes down With my eyes down, from my eyes down Taking pictures, I saw four hills I see hills often But this one summer, they made corners Of the field where I lied Walking up them, wind rised up I was drinking from a cup From my eyes down With my eyes down But someone planned it, They had plans, yeah They some ideas So put my mind down on the floor here It wanted to see them goodbye With my known eyes I can see it tonight
Continents 03:11
My destiny is in your hands now, A gift to you It’s yours and your own now, You can sell it if you want to It’s too bad you left already, Before you could buy me a drink ‘Cause I wish I had too many I wish I couldn’t see Next time, you should shoot me Or find some way to lose me For the benefit of the doubt We could be each other’s evidence We could tell each other secrets We could qualify our fortunes We could clarify our ends Next time, we can be friends We could each other off In between the continents
We all would like it the way families do Some place to have amounts Sometimes we dream this into that Some amounts and some shields But there are places and things There are a collection times And I have some of them on this shelf, in cabinets So hang in your clothes and fold in them In any event, in any current A walk, instead, envelopes It seems like everyone likes a different thing, A better thing


Originally released in 2002 on Vit! Vit! Records, We Could Be Each Other's Evidence is Adrian Orange's glorious debut. Filled with abstract, hard hitting writing, a killer backing band, and Adrian's raw emotion.


released August 1, 2021

Adrian Orange - Singing, guitar, songs, writing, production
Jeremy Romagna - Recording
Dan deVriend - Drums
Aaron Franquero - Drums
Tim Harte - Guitar
Curtis Knapp - Backing vocals, other instruments

Recorded 2002 by Jeremy Romagna and Thanksgiving at the Oak St. Building in Portland, OR.


all rights reserved



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