The Real Wild World

from Bitches Is Lord by Adrian Orange



No matter what world may be in your mind,
The world that your mind is in is unknown and wild
So let's admit that we live in a wild, wild world
Where anything is possible and freedom reigns

Do you make a living bringing tasks to completion
Until they're dissolution in a few vacant days,
Or by doing your best through each new moment and breath?
‘Cause life makes life again and again
Why give up so soon when death will for you?
There's so much to learn if one knows one don't know it

What great expectations are placed on the youth
In the face of the exceptions given in our history books
If this is the real world, then what was that before?
Do you believe in a realer world gated in the clouds, where we're all going?
Or will you admit that we live in a wild, wild world,
Where anything is possible, and when we die, we die?
But now we're alive


from Bitches Is Lord, released August 8, 2006


all rights reserved



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